Friday, July 22, 2016

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Six Not So Usual Ways In Serving Homemade Ice Cream

Vanilla with apple pie, chocolate in a bowl with hot fudge sauce and strawberry in a cone. It's all been accomplished ahead of, and a lot of times. So instead of carrying on with tradition, we'd like to provide you with some unusual and creative inspiration on the best way to serve up your homemade ice cream to your guests. You might uncover many different unusual recipes and strategies from strange flavor combos to fried ice cream.

Decide on Some Strange Flavor Combos: Chili and Chocolate, Licorice and Black-currant, Bacon and Maple Syrup...try anything that you believe will go properly, even if you've by no means seen it created prior to. One thing with this concept is that you may perhaps want to make a test batch just before you commit to it as part of your menu, or alternatively have a back-up dessert if you're holding a dinner party and your concept turns out disgusting.
Confuse Your Guests with Ice Cream Cupcakes: These are, actually, small cupcakes baked and served in flat-bottomed wafer cones. You could leading them with whatever frosting and toppings you like to make them look, but then as soon as your guests take a bite they'll be pleasantly confused.

Get Them Involved within the Producing: Who says guests will need to sit and wait to be served by their host? If you have got an ice cream ball or a hand cranked machine then you'll be able to pass it round the table, letting every individual have a go until the mixture is totally churned. They'll enjoy to see how it goes from slop to best frozen dessert, and it'll raise morale, leaving your dinner party ending on a high note. Obtaining your guests involved will make it a memorable and fun activity.

Fried Ice Cream / Baked Alaska: This involves rolling scoops in batter, then freezing them prior to deep frying and serving immediately. The two methods of cooking seem so far removed that your guests will likely be fascinated at how it all works. This is also known as baked Alaska.
DIY Buffet: Men and women adore to serve themselves at parties, particularly when it's with some thing enjoyable like various bowls of mix-ins, crushed M&Ms, mini smarties, chopped nuts and sprinkles. Put several scoops of distinct flavors into pre-frozen steel bowls, so that it doesn't melt while your guests help themselves. You might pick to give them cones, bowls, sundae glasses or a choice of all three and see what everyone chooses.

Low-Fat Ice Cream: Did you know that you can make low-fat and diet-friendly ice cream so you don't have to worry about adding a few extra pounds while enjoying this delicious dessert? Here's a great recipe to make low-fat ice cream.

Hopefully with one or two of these unique serving ideas, your dinner party will end on a huge high. Whether it is a weird flavor you try or simply an unusual method of generating it, it is going to be unique and might be remembered by your guests. There ought to be no boundaries when it comes to ice cream producing, and you must in no way dismiss a recipe thought for it being too outlandish. If there's no time to attempt it this time then make a note of it in your ice cream recipe book for a later date when you are strapped for interesting ideas. Enjoy!